Finding schools to apply to

A few things to consider when determining what schools to apply to

Your cohort size, the ratio of faculty to students, your supervisor and professors areas of expertise, thinking about what is the main focus of your program, in my case its most definitely research based, and also thinking about what other opportunities they offer. Do they have any special programs that you’re interested in? Also its important to consider where your school is, in my case its in the DMV area which is amazing because we have so many different opportunities to work with different types of populations and have a variety of outplacements to choose from. The cost of living and also if your program gives any assistantships, scholarships or financial help. Luckily everyone in our program received some type of assistantship whether it was within or at the university. I

It is of most importance to review the faculty of the school you’re applying to. This will tell you a lot. Especially take note of the clinical supervisors, they are the ones that are going to supervisor your clients so they might not take on clients outside of their speciality areas.

If you’re interested in doing Aphasia, then look for schools that have some supervisors that specialize in Aphasia. Keep in mind however, that you may go into graduate school thinking you want to do one thing and come out first semester not knowing what you want to do! That is my case, I know what I definitely don’t want to do.

Lastly, find some current students and talk to them! Ask them questions and get some first insider details that only they would be able to provide!





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